Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

God this book is awful. I guess I can't make a decision for everyone, however, since I only got halfway through the book. I'm trying this new thing where if I don't like the book 100 pages in, I STOP reading. Before, I always just finished it out hoping it would get better. Truth is, it never does.
Premise: Newly-weds have a baby. Except when giving birth, its not just one but two babies. The husband (who is doing the delivering...takes place in 1960s) realizes that one of the babies has Down's so he gives the little girl to the nurse and tells her to take the baby to an institution. Such a selfish bastard...only wants the "normal" baby. Anyways, the newlywed's lives start to downward spiral. Meanwhile, the nurse actually runs away with the baby and raises her. So I'm sure the plot would have developed but I'm sure only moving forward in a very boring manner.

The mother character in this book, Norah, sucked. I couldn't even stand reading about her because she got on my nerves so badly. When I stopped reading, it had been 5-6 years since the birth and this chick just COULD NOT get over it. I just wanted to scream...MOVE ON already. Your wasting your life obsessing over this tragic event. Maybe I am being too insensitive. I've never been prego...or even close so I guess I don't know what it feels like to become attached to something growing inside of you. But my things is: Norah didn't even know she was having twins! So the baby she fell in love with for 9 months...well she has him! Finds out OH My GA! there was another one in there too but didn't survive...well she never had a chance to become emotionally attached to this little girl so why after 6 freaking years is she still being all gloomy!

One thing you can learn from this book...if you don't let things go, if you just cannot manage to move forward than your life is gonna be one hell of a hole.
Norah needs to see a therapist or something.

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