Monday, July 20, 2009

Lone Survivor

I absolutely could not put this book down. Marcus Luttrell's memoir is not something I would normally read, I've never really been into war stories. However, it was recommended so I gave it a shot. Luttrell, a Navy SEAL, finds himself being the only survivor after a SEAL mission becomes bombarded by the Taliban. Alone, wounded, cold, and without any provisions except his gun, he finds himself lost in the harsh terrain of the Afghan mountains. I won't spoil how it ends but it was definately an action packed story, a tear jerker as well.

Luttrell, throughout the book, talks about his conservative views on war. It was nice to get a glimpse of the other side of the argument, being a liberal myself, because one needs to hear all arguments in order to keep an open mind. Luttrell outright blames the longevity of the "War on Terror" on Rules of Engagement. And, to be honest, I always thought Rules of Engagement were a bit...whats a good word...contradictory, ironic, maybe even twisted. I never thought having "rules" for war made much sense and this book helped me formulate a good example for my argument.

Warning: the book does get preachy at times, but I think conservatives and liberals alike can enjoy the story that unfolds.
4 stars - Highly recommended.

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