Thursday, August 6, 2009

Smart People

Even though I have a dry sense of humor, I get a little nervous before watching these types of movies because I normally only like 50% of the ones I watch (for instance didn't so much like the Squid and the Whale). But Smart People was highy entertaining, funny as hell, and a well crafted story. It was also easy to relate to the professor protagonist, played by Dennis Quaid, because he reminded me of a couple professors I've had at San Diego State. You know, those arrogant professors you can tell just HATE life and take it out on their students. Ellen Page, from Juno, plays his daughter and she is great. However, after Juno, I think Page will forever be the same witty and dry character that Indie fans have come to love...meaning her part in this movie was almost a replica of her part in Juno. Anyways, the premise of the story begins when Quaid has his license suspended for 6 months and his adopted, out of work, brother moves in to drive him around. The brother character is great as well, very funny, plays the part excellently.
The movie is basically about the main character (who is widowed) becoming involved with his doctor (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) and how he must learn to crawl out of his depression, stop being so pretentious and pompous...and move on to a happier being.

4 stars: recommended.

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