Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Rex Pickett's debut novel was like my very own wine manual, however entertaining. Two buddies go spend a week in wine country to have one exciting "bachelor party." They quickly meet a pair of girlies, and some sexual encounters, as well as tensions, ensue. This was basically your coming of age story, with the protagonist going through his midlife crisis. What impressed me the most about this story was how Miles, the main character, was crafted to relate to all readers. I never thought I would be able to relate to a guy in his mid-forties. Even Jack, his best friend, is a likeable character...though he makes some morally bad decisions. The pair of these dudes are a hilarious bunch, the way the interact with each other is very real life, and comical.

WARNING: Must have a glass of wine on handy when reading, I'm serious. Pickett describes all the wine in the book with mouthwatering much that you will begin to crave some good ole vino.

4 Stars: Yes I definitely recommend this book!

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